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sombrero / сомбреро
имя существительное
имя существительное
a broad-brimmed felt or straw hat, typically worn in Mexico and the southwestern US.
The Cat's Meow is an intriguing velvet cloche hat amidst the bowlers, sombreros , hardhats, and baseball caps in the Hollywood closet.
He wore a large hat that he called a sombrero , in honor of some holiday in his culture that happened to be today.
A multi-coloured straw sombrero from Acapulco in Mexico seemed equally out of place on the Christmas tree.
And whether riding a gondola in Venice, wearing a sombrero in Mexico or joining local traditions, this pope always added a touch of style.
Frank insisted on wearing a sombrero , as well as his Celtic top and shellsuit trousers.
He tucked her elbow in his and then started off, looking utterly ridiculous and unrecognizable in his wide-brimmed sombrero and bright orange and red patterned blanket.
He stomps in without stopping to divest himself of his sombrero , spurs or pistols.
One popular story is about El Duende, an imp with a big sombrero , red trousers and a blue jacket, who courts pretty young girls by tossing pebbles at them.
Just then, a group of men wearing sombreros and playing guitar came to our floor.
Portraying Down Mexico Way, this band boasted a Spanish influence with its fancy sailors wearing colourful sombreros and a section of female revellers in flamenco-styled costumes.
The theme of the day is Spanish holiday, they are dressed almost to a man in sombreros , with either beach balls, lilos or water rings.