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sombre / мрачный, угрюмый, темный
имя прилагательное
gloomy, dark, grim, bleak, dismal, sombre
sullen, gloomy, morose, surly, moody, sombre
dark, obscure, deep, black, murky, sombre
имя прилагательное
dark or dull in color or tone; gloomy.
the night skies were somber and starless
The period detail has been painstakingly recreated and it is shot in a sombre palette of olive greens and sepia tones.
The paintings seem at first to be sombre in tone, coloured mostly by umbers and sepia-like hues.
The sombre occasion was further enhanced by the dulcet tones of Winnie Joyce.
But the counterpart to this enthusiasm was a sombre and deeply serious view of such a life's task.
This brilliantly written book isn't entirely flippant, since its humour has a more sombre purpose.
But Stewy seemed to take the comment quite seriously, nodding in sombre sympathy as he tuned up his twelve string.
You could have gone two ways with this thing and been very sombre and serious about this subject.
So I hopped out, went out on the veranda and said hello and smiled at everybody, and they were all very sombre and gloomy.
But you have a sombre , morose side which can mean you going for darker colours and shades.
Her husband, on the other hand, wears sombre tones of deep purple and black.