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solvent / растворитель, растворяющее вещество
имя существительное
solvent, vehicle, dissolvent, medium, resolvent, menstruum
растворяющее вещество
имя прилагательное
solvent, payable, responsible, sound, copper-bottomed
solvent, diluent, dissolvent
solvent, good
имя прилагательное
having assets in excess of liabilities; able to pay one's debts.
interest rate rises have very severe effects on normally solvent companies
able to dissolve other substances.
osmotic, chemical, or solvent action
имя существительное
the liquid in which a solute is dissolved to form a solution.
If less solute is added to the solvent then the solution is said to be unsaturated.
The solute is placed in the solvent and the concentrated solute slowly breaks into pieces.
As a result, rock music became a powerful solvent of the state's credibility and power to inspire loyalty.
A solvent insurer at one point can become insolvent soon for variety of reasons.
On the one hand, it is ultimately answerable to the ruling body of the Central Bank, whose overriding goal is to maintain a stable and solvent financial system.
Recent developments include the use of resin soaps and solvent gels, tailored to interact only with specific resin varnishes and leave oil formulations unaffected.
Some examples of solvent chemicals are paint thinners, most penetrating sealers, D-Limonene, and alcohol.
Indeed so long as the company is solvent the shareholders are in substance the company.
The solvent action is terrific, even removing crud from three pistols I had just cleaned with my EEL - a real crunch test.
Put simply, the pensions compensation scheme is an insurance plan, funded by a levy on solvent pension schemes, designed to protect the pensions of workers whose employers go bust.
Therefore, credit spreads tend to zero for the short-term debt of a solvent firm.