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solution / решение, раствор, разрешение
имя существительное
decision, solution, resolution, resolve, award, answer
solution, liquor, solute, matrix, aqua
resolution, permission, permit, authorization, solution, license
имя существительное
a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.
there are no easy solutions to financial and marital problems
a liquid mixture in which the minor component (the solute) is uniformly distributed within the major component (the solvent).
Some escapes as carbon dioxide from water solutions and returns to the atmosphere.
the action of separating or breaking down; dissolution.
the solution of British supremacy in South Africa
Use a concentrated solution of liquid dish soap and water to remove the oil and dirt buildup.
In its dephosphorylated state BglG exists as a dimer in solution .
Following is a more detailed description of the French cooper's compass with a solution to the connection puzzle.
This is made simply by adding baking soda to a solution of cocaine hydrochloride and heating the mixture.
The patterns are realized as the polymer is mechanically peeled away in one contiguous piece in solution .
Apparently believing that this was a worthy effort, Luke was the first to post his solution to that puzzle.
Brine is a solution of sodium chloride and water that may or may not contain other salts.
However, the government can only facilitate a solution , it cannot solve the problem.
It was discovered that blood could be preserved in glass containers by mixing it with a solution of sodium citrate in water, a liquid very similar to lemonade.
Recently, the recombinant protein was shown to be a dimer both in solution and in crystals.