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soloist / солист, запевала, летчик, летающий самостоятельно
имя существительное
soloist, leading singer
летчик, летающий самостоятельно
имя существительное
a singer or other musician who performs a solo.
The most famous conductors and soloists in the concert halls around the world perform his compositions.
A regular soloist at the National Concert Hall, Scott has fans on both sides of the Atlantic.
he appears as a concerto soloist with all the great British orchestras
During the 1920's, Stravinsky had often been heard as the soloist in his piano concerto.
The grand finale saw choir soloists and we, the audience, singing Jerusalem.
The concert ended with a Mass by Bellini in which the organist, choir and soloists gave a magnificent performance.
We played a lot together, and he gave special care to the accompaniment of soloists , which is very rare.
The concert will feature soloists and a string orchestra performing a wide variety of songs from Leonard Bernstein to Handel.
Conductors and soloists had better know it and have it ready if they want to work.
The agency has its own orchestra consisting of 12 musicians and five soloists .
She is a well-known accompanist who regularly appears in concerts with soloists and ensembles.