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solo / соло, сольный номер, самостоятельный полет
имя существительное
сольный номер
самостоятельный полет
имя прилагательное
independent, separate, solo, substantive, fledged, unaided
исполнять соло
имя прилагательное
for or done by one person alone; unaccompanied.
a solo album
имя существительное
a thing done by one person unaccompanied, in particular.
a card game in which one player plays against the others in an attempt to win a specified number of tricks.
Solo whist is a plain-trick game with trumps and bidding, closely related to the more elaborate and now obsolete game of Boston.
perform something unaccompanied, in particular.
The half closed with CBS forward Mark Fleming soloing through from centre-forward and kicking the ball to the net as CBS led 3-2 to 1-0 at half time.
On Dec. 30, 1982, I was ready for my final flight of the year: the navigation solo .
On my first solo I went out and jumped fences in a cotton field and chased field workers.
Is it time for a solo female anchor of one of these newscasts?
The ex-punk, classically outlandish Clark gave Trevitt a superb solo to music of Erik Satie, titled Satie Stud.
Then there is the weird idea of having the entire corps lightly but sappily wave their hands in time to the music when anyone dances a solo .
He's promoting his new solo acoustic album Going Somewhere, but he will also play a few old favourites.
He'll pilot the sub solo - to depths where humans aren't meant to go.
His latest solo piano album was nominated for five Grammy Awards, and the festival will feature some of the work for which he is best known.
When the rest of the boys discovered a solo piano version from 1967, they simply layered it over the original backing track and added choirs of eerily reverbed vocals.
When I'm solo I have more time with each sound, I can get a lot more out of each sound.