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solitude / одиночество, уединение, уединенность
имя существительное
loneliness, solitude, desolation, solitariness, lonesomeness, abandonment
privacy, solitude, seclusion, retreat, isolation, solitariness
privacy, solitude
имя существительное
the state or situation of being alone.
she savored her few hours of freedom and solitude
Maybe you like the peace and solitude of the early hours of the morning so that you can get on with various important tasks uninterrupted.
This trance is achieved in complete solitude and yogis can enter into it or get out of it at will.
Bachelorhood has long taught me that solitude is not loneliness.
It had been the perfect place to work on his greatest inventions in complete peace and solitude .
As someone whose self reposes on a great slab of solitude , such a situation would drive me nuts.
Yet we have a better chance of solitude here than on most islands.
At long last peace and solitude , she thought, tossing her purse onto the nearby table.
For a few hours, my kid was next door at the Nappers and I had peace and solitude .
It is a creature of solitude , travelling alone, and a splendour in the bush.
It tells us that God is, in a sense, a community of persons, not a solitary living in solitude , alone and distant.