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solitary / одинокий, уединенный, единичный
имя прилагательное
alone, lonely, single, lone, solitary, lonesome
secluded, solitary, lonely, private, remote, cloistered
unit, individual, sporadic, solitary, unitary
имя существительное
hermit, recluse, anchorite, ascetic, eremite, solitary
одиночное заключение
solitary confinement, solitary
имя прилагательное
done or existing alone.
I live a pretty solitary life
имя существительное
a recluse or hermit.
This question applies with particular acuteness to the situation of hermits or solitaries .
Instead, they occupy solitary locations within the genome.
In 1926, he withdrew himself in to a solitary room and cut himself from the outer world.
I was a solitary boy, shy and withdrawn, who preferred to be left alone to read.
After leaving solitary , he will ultimately be sent to a different minimum-security facility.
Christmas Island is remote and solitary , and its gentle beauty can change within seconds when the north-westerly monsoons lash the island.
However, little is known about costs of parental investment in insects, particularly in solitary as well as social aculeate Hymenoptera.
All plants of O. parryi var. parryi sampled were solitary and all plants were shorter than one meter.
One day, in a fit of extreme frustration, I sent in a single solitary letter voicing my said opinion about the magazine's quality.
Other faunal elements include colonial and solitary corals, encrusting bryozoans, stromatoporoids, and rare brachiopods.
This project is a sculptural work that stemmed from my interest in sci-fi, technology, and the impulse for relaxation or solitary meditation.