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soliloquy / монолог, разговор с самим собой
имя существительное
monologue, soliloquy, monolog
разговор с самим собой
имя существительное
an act of speaking one's thoughts aloud when by oneself or regardless of any hearers, especially by a character in a play.
His scenes play more as brief soliloquies ; the characters voicing unspoken thoughts and memories, repeating phrases and exchanging salvos of opaque dialogue.
First the Laurence Olivier scene played on the projector screen; then Anne, a brave woman in the would-be class, read the soliloquy aloud.
in the opening soliloquy he declares his true intent
In the end, Georgeanne has a long soliloquy about what happened to everyone afterward, fiction even less convincing than the drama and poetry preceding it.
Occasionally, during the action, a speech is highlighted as a soliloquy .
She did not - as she told it - interrupt the man with pesky questions about his pain but rather listened in an analytical way as if he were a character giving a soliloquy .
he did most of his thinking by soliloquy
Edmund ends the scene as he had begun it, with a soliloquy
The dissembling and physically deformed Richard, duke of Gloucester, reveals his true purpose in the opening soliloquy of Richard III.
Perched alone on a stage, a character engages in a soliloquy so as to unveil their innermost thoughts to the audience.
Even the play's slightly awkward structure, with its reminiscent soliloquies and resurrected hero, is made up for in Fugard's own production by the quality of the acting.