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solidity / прочность, солидность, твердость
имя существительное
strength, durability, toughness, stability, hardness, solidity
solidity, portliness
hardness, firmness, solidity, rigidity, stability, resolution
имя существительное
the quality or state of being firm or strong in structure.
the sheer strength and solidity of Romanesque architecture
The set of bronzes by Degas in their spare solidity are arranged in front of two of his mistiest canvases and look all the bolder for that.
Achieving solidity at the back doesn't merely depend on the efforts of individuals, however.
Sliding behind the futuristic facia there is a tangible feeling of both solidity and comfort.
Mr Watts gives him just the right touch of solidity , tempered with understanding and humanity without losing credibility.
The stair is elegantly made, a light filigree of steel rod and plates that contrasts with the heavy mass concrete solidity of the vault.
What needs to be understood at this point, by applying wisdom to your compassion, is how much solidity you are bringing to the situation.
Fathers are always supposed to be about solidity , a strong presence, reliance.
the sheer strength and solidity of Romanesque architecture
To his team-mates and large sections of the public, Waite epitomised the solidity and dependability of the club player.
Following it, they have regrouped and gone back to the basics, working hard and showing solidity and strength in defence.