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solidify / затвердевать, застывать, твердеть
harden, solidify, set, freeze, bind, fasten
freeze, congeal, solidify, set, harden, jell
harden, solidify, set, consolidate, fix, concrete
make or become hard or solid.
the magma slowly solidifies and forms crystals
social and political pressures helped to solidify national identities
Active steps to embrace this reality and prepare for it will solidify the National Guard's importance in that role.
Gradually and under the direction of Mark Hutchinson the Boys defence began to solidify and Hanover began to own less possession in midfield.
In some instances, stationary magmas solidify in situ.
But do we really want to solidify and accentuate differences?
However, many accountability systems tend to solidify and perpetuate these differences rather than facilitate their elimination.
social and political pressures helped to solidify national identities
His political fence-mending goes on all the time and he has worked hard to solidify his base.
Inevitably, where molten rock met the bitter cold of space, heat was lost rapidly, allowing the outermost levels of the magma ocean to solidify to a thin crust.
At a time when voter apathy and distrust of politicians is a concern on the lips of almost the entire chattering class, this is a measure sure to help solidify all these problems.