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solidarity / солидарность, сплоченность, единство
имя существительное
cohesion, unity, solidarity, front
unity, oneness, solidarity, accord
имя существительное
unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.
factory workers voiced solidarity with the striking students
an independent trade union movement in Poland that developed into a mass campaign for political change and inspired popular opposition to communist regimes across eastern Europe during the 1980s.
Above all, it has damaged the drive to build solidarity .
In the early 1990s, demagogues took multiculturalism to terrible extremes, killing hundreds of thousands of people in the name of ethnic solidarity .
More than 400 other prison inmates joined them on June 20 in solidarity .
It is a ritual with which your correspondent hastened to express solidarity .
factory workers voiced solidarity with the striking students
We are expecting these two countries to show their solidarity .
On returning to the class which had begun the walkout, Sebastian showed the students the same solidarity they had shown him.
Such solidarity has now turned to support of world action to root out terror.
It was not hard to declare your solidarity for the Chileans.
During this same half decade, the UN declared its first international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people.