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solicitous / заботливый, стремящийся, заботящийся
имя прилагательное
thoughtful, careful, mindful, solicitous, attentive, tender
aspiring, eager, anxious, keen, endeavoring, solicitous
имя прилагательное
characterized by or showing interest or concern.
she was always solicitous about the welfare of her students
If the project has been reasonably solicitous of poor people on the rental end, it has been less so when it comes to the planned 360 for-sale houses and town homes.
Vasanti also had some good luck: she had no abusive in-laws to put up with, and she had brothers who were more than usually solicitous of her well-being.
And the manager was most solicitous , arranging for a car and reliable driver for our trip to Hampi, 11 km away.
To that end, there are fine antiques and paintings, overstuffed sofas, roaring log fires, solicitous staff, visiting dogs and spectacular views.
There was nothing especially wrong with the food, apart from its staggering and stupid expense, or the restaurant staff, who were kind and solicitous , although a little remiss in the tasks of delivering food and wine.
Anthony was very solicitous , making sure Deb and I were okay.
Among the most important of these is the central role of the extended family, which is extremely solicitous of the welfare and reputation of its members.
The processes that will be used to allow public scrutiny of the proposals will vary from province to province, but they will be based on principles adopted in Calgary, and they will be scrupulously solicitous of grassroots opinion.
Daisy, the unloved eight-year-old in a large family, becomes the willing acolyte to the tender and solicitous Theresa.
I understand the need for clear communication with customers, and I would give the same solicitous treatment to all citizens.