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solicit / ходатайствовать, просить, требовать
petition, intercede, solicit, move, plead
ask, beg, seek, pray, invite, solicit
require, demand, claim, ask, take, solicit
ask for or try to obtain (something) from someone.
he called a meeting to solicit their views
A ridiculous and doomed attempt to solicit someone to commit a crime, for example, is still criminal solicitation; a pitifully executed attempt at fraud is still fraud.
Once a financial goal has been set, the critical quiet period begins, when school leaders solicit the largest potential donors.
To obtain the most competitive prices, solicit the bids in January or February, when roofers have little work and are looking for summertime jobs.
Your personal information is eventually sold to marketing companies that then solicit you by phone or mail based on your profile.
don't solicit for money
Each person had five minutes to describe the job he or she was seeking and solicit relevant contacts from others.
I think prostitution itself is legal… it's not legal to solicit or run a brothel.
You have groups formed like America Coming Together and like the Media Fund that are designed to solicit many of the same people to give the same contributions to do the same things.
The obscure law originally directed at brothel owners who would solicit arriving sailors with liquor and prostitutes, has been used only twice, first in 1872 and again in 1890.
Furthermore, the Fisheries Department was in constant contact with lodge owners in the area to solicit their views on fish conservation.