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solenoid / соленоид
имя существительное
solenoid, actuator
имя существительное
a cylindrical coil of wire acting as a magnet when carrying electric current.
In addition to motors, components such as transformers, solenoids , and large capacitors also create high currents upon start-up.
Every generator, transformer, solenoid and motor - from power stations to car ignition coils, computers and electric shavers - relies on coatings to insulate all the copper wire in its basic construction.
A current of only 0-1.6 amps controls the solenoid .
This pressurised hydraulic fluid is under the control of an electric solenoid or motor operated valve to achieve the force and position required each time a clutch and/or gear change is needed.
Without power supplied to the solenoid , the valve remains closed to water flow.
The starter solenoid is essentially a large electronic switch that can handle that much current.
People, when this fault is happening to you, it's either your solenoid or your circuit board.
A wire to the transbrake solenoid broke on Trumble's car, allowing it to roll when he took his foot off the brake.
If you coil the wire into a solenoid the fields around the wire sum up and you get a magnetic field similar to that of a bar magnet on the outside but you get a uniform magnetic field on the inside.
Please be careful if you try placing a magnet in your solenoid , as the magnet can shoot out.
An integral solenoid and detector switch stops the card from being removed until it is safe to do so.