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solemnity / торжественность, торжество, серьезность
имя существительное
solemnity, gravity
triumph, solemnity, exultation, function, fete, exultancy
seriousness, gravity, earnest, solemnity, demureness, severeness
имя существительное
the state or quality of being serious and dignified.
his ashes were laid to rest with great solemnity
In a field rooted in moral concern, there is a long tradition of solemnity and sternness.
There is in Machado's prose a playfulness that teases the reader, humor that mocks solemnity and seriousness.
He is a pleasantly scheming crook, with motley clothes and inimitable hairstyle; his definite traits are his love of rum, his philosophical resolve on revenge and his readiness to mock any expression of solemnity .
his ashes were laid to rest with great solemnity
Tilson for is his ability to blend solemnity and humour.
In truth, the music didn't really take off - the church was stifling, people were shuffling on their feet and the music ebbed and flowed, promising climaxes that it didn't deliver, and tip-toeing around solemnity .
These images reveal, without authorial commentary, the mixture of earnestness and fecklessness, solemnity and comedy that marks the typical contemporary parade.
Shapiro's seriousness is not solemnity - the poems in this book do not allow for high-mindedness or convenient emotion - and his grief is not melodrama.
In this, his fifth collection, Dean Young writes comic poems that eschew solemnity but are in fact terribly serious.
his ashes were laid to rest with great solemnity