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solecism / нарушение приличий, грамматическая ошибка, солецизм
имя существительное
нарушение приличий
impropriety, breach of decency, indecorum, solecism
грамматическая ошибка
имя существительное
a grammatical mistake in speech or writing.
This year, it seems likely that a number of my fellow countrymen will be spending a good deal of time pedantically pursuing punctuation rules and grumbling at grammatical solecisms .
But he never brooked any solecism in behaviour inside his courtroom.
What we have is conjecture, the useful surprise of a grammatical mismatch, the thrill of syntactic breakdown, the wild happiness of a solecism typed into Microsoft Word and printed out by Packard Bell.
Incidentally, the hyphen in Goose-Pimples is a solecism , but we'll never know whether it was written by Leigh or improvised by his cast.
We also learn that the magnanimity hinted at in the sandlot baseball incident - when Anders is delighted rather than angered by the solecism spoken by Coyle's cousin - was alive and well in Anders as a young adult.
It is regarded as a solecism to say ‘We have less tea bags than I thought.’
This, I believe, is the only grammatical solecism Esther perpetrates in her long narrative.
Everyone in the publishing process should report a solecism that would otherwise go undetected - a misspelling, a grammatical error.
You really would think that someone from Sandy's background would know better than to commit the solecism of greeting the domestic staff before his host.
This grating solecism has been adopted by many older people, who tend to say it with such emphasis that one suspects they think it's a cool expression which just might narrow the generation gap for them.
Bloggers, however careful we try to be, know about the solecism that sneaks into every post, the unexpected spelling mistake, the ambiguous statement.