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soldiery / солдаты, военные, военщина
имя существительное
military, soldiery
military, militarists, soldiery, militarist
имя существительное
soldiers collectively.
the town was filled with disbanded soldiery
As Commander of the Oases, Laperrine developed a force of Sahariens, soldiers mounted on racing camels, recruited on strict criteria: knowledge of Arabic, competent soldiery , a clean service record.
My master and the Prince accompanied by K'ang Yu-wei and a small garrison of quickly degenerating soldiery fled eastward toward Ch'I-chou.
In the light of modern ideas about soldiery and a somewhat clearer understanding of shell shock, or post-traumatic stress disorder, most people have greeted the news with approval.
The kings of the Greek Bronze Age counted scribes among their servants, but here too the application was restricted to terse summaries of the palace store s and brief orders to the soldiery .
the town was filled with disbanded soldiery
Born at Eleusis, reared there, trained in soldiery , he fought when about thirty-five in the famous battle of Marathon, during which the small Athenian army defeated the mighty Persians.
Sure, there is patriotism and a noble notion of never disrespecting your side's soldiery .
The stocky man was an adventurer; his Father had took soldiery in the Blackhawk Wars in the Old Northwest, and as a frontiersman's son he had no trouble with backwoodsing for weeks, if necessary.
Also, there are references wherein he was not exactly a "commoner" and may have received professional training in soldiery .
Whenever she could, she had a few brief words with the some of the soldiery , all of whom had gathered ‘round the radios.