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soldier / солдат, воин, военнослужащий
имя существительное
soldier, enlisted man, Tommy Atkins, tommy, pongo
warrior, soldier, berserk, berserker
serviceman, soldier
служить в армии
serve, soldier
увиливать от работы
shirk, soldier
имя существительное
a person who serves in an army.
As an enlisted soldier , he served in every leadership position up to the position of First Sergeant.
a wingless caste of ant or termite with a large specially modified head and jaws, involved chiefly in defense.
Soldiers resemble worker termites, except that they have enlarged brownish heads and strong, well-developed jaws.
a strip of bread or toast, used for dipping into a soft-boiled egg.
Cut the bread crust into four soldiers and then cut each soldier into four bite-sized croutons.
serve as a soldier.
soldiering was what the colonel understood
He thus avoided serving as a soldier , or ‘cannon fodder,’ as he would later put it.
Keitel, a professional soldier , served as an artillery officer on the Western Front during the First World War and then as a staff officer.
Mike Minton, a 37-year-old engineer, has calculated that the ideal width for a toast soldier should be 22 mm.
When a soldier has to serve in a dependent-restricted area, he must be confident that his family is well cared for back home.
Mr. Johnston explained that the detail below the red line remained the same except for Helifix anchors that were put in just above the soldier course of bricks.
She had told me he was the model for ‘The Digger,’ a bronze bust of a soldier at the Australian War Memorial.
There are more options with soldier courses, rowlocks, headers, bonds, etc. in their final form in the wall.
As an enlisted soldier , he served in every leadership position up to the position of First Sergeant.
Before visiting a regiment he would call the colonel aside and ask for the name of a soldier who had served well in previous campaigns, but who had not been given the credit he deserved.
But by far the most important question to be settled this week was exactly how wide should a toast soldier be?