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solder / припой, спайка, спаянность
имя существительное
adhesion, solder, conglutination
solder, braze, tinker
имя существительное
a low-melting alloy, especially one based on lead and tin or (for higher temperatures) on brass or silver, used for joining less fusible metals.
In the past, copper pipes were joined with lead based solder which is currently banned from usage.
join with solder.
These joining methods may include welding, brazing, soldering , riveting, or bolting.
There are 37 soldered fins on each side of the heatsink for a grand total of 74 copper fins connected to the copper base by means of solder .
The now familiar swinging ‘trapdoor’ breechblock was fitted and attached to the top of the barrel with a hinge secured by soft solder and a single screw.
Some alloys, like solder , which is usually 60% tin and 40% lead, are used to make electrical circuits.
In Washington, the chloramines also caused lead to leach out of service lines, water meters, plumbing with lead solder and brass faucets that contain lead.
Other potential sources of lead include fishing-line weights, metal weights in curtains, antique ceramics, leaded glass, and water from pipes with lead solder .
remove the fitting using a blowtorch to melt the solder
Early food cans were sealed with thick seams of lead solder , which caused slight poisoning when they contained acidic foodstuffs.
Occasionally, a pregnant woman is exposed to significant amounts of lead in her drinking water if her home has lead pipes, lead solder on copper pipes or brass faucets.
In the past, copper pipes were joined with lead based solder which is currently banned from usage.
The invention Intel is announcing does away with the top layer of the package and the bumps of solder by connecting copper wiring directly from the core of the package to the processor.