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solar / солнечный
имя прилагательное
solar, sunny, shiny, sunshiny, heliacal, heliac
имя существительное
солнечная энергия
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or determined by the sun.
solar radiation
имя существительное
an upper chamber in a medieval house.
I would hazard a guess that what he found were nail holes on part of the panelled screen commonly found in the better class of English medieval house between the hall and the solar .
Collisions between energetic particles and the solar atmosphere also produce neutrons and gamma rays.
It is believed that a minor perturbation in solar heating caused by orbital changes could lead to another ice age or warming period.
Any site having solar and electromagnetic energy is good for residence.
For the professional astronomers, the main subject of inquiry was the solar corona.
The Greens' policy of interest-free loans for solar heating in homes would cut energy demand and save people money, Mr Donald said.
Fifteen sports will be catered for in a huge Olympic Park, where the Olympic village will be powered by solar and geothermal energy.
Our goal should be that half the buildings constructed in 2010 would require only solar heating or cooling systems.
Algol comprises two large stars, one about three times the solar diameter, the other four times.
No one would have believed that she was the sort of woman who would rather be climbing the rigging on a ship than embroidering a pillow in the solar .
They reflect the lithological and mineralogical variations of exposed rocks and soils by separating the solar reflected energy into six spectral bands.