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sojourn / временное пребывание
имя существительное
временное пребывание
sojourn, visit
временно жить
временно проживать
lodge, sojourn
guest, visit, stay, visit with, stop, sojourn
stay somewhere temporarily.
she had sojourned once in Egypt
имя существительное
a temporary stay.
her sojourn in Rome
His short visit soon turned into a lengthy sojourn and the one glass of wine multiplied into many.
They sojourn to Claire's new estate and learn that Claire is now a widow.
The row of cottages in which the master was staying during his sojourn was a tidy line of fifteen along the edge of the farms.
A spirited spinster's lively account of a sojourn in 19th century Tenby takes a fresh look at life in the town and the pastimes of its many Victorian visitors.
After completing his world sojourn , Guru Nanak Devji settled down at Kartapur and started leading a simple life by working in the fields.
her sojourn in Rome
her sojourn in Rome
While all of Wales will be hoping that he enjoys his French sojourn , his raison d' être is to lead his country to brighter and more successful days on the rugby field.
The first part of the journey will bring passengers from Kilmeaden on a riverside sojourn to the world-famous Mount Congreve Estate.
Penelope and Helen had, during the week, decided that my rooms were a most apt place to sojourn during the hot afternoons, and the best place to try on dresses.