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soil / почва, грунт, земля
имя существительное
soil, ground, land, earth, bedrock, dirt
priming, ground, soil, earth, bottom, dirt
earth, land, ground, soil, territory, dirt
besmirch, smudge, stain, dirty, soil, discolor
soil, imbrue, cloud, put out
grime, soil, mess, daub, puddle, smutch
имя существительное
the upper layer of earth in which plants grow, a black or dark brown material typically consisting of a mixture of organic remains, clay, and rock particles.
blueberries need very acid soil
waste matter, especially sewage containing excrement.
Hazardous waste includes contaminated soil , paint, solvent residues, asbestos and highly acidic and alkaline solids.
make dirty.
he might soil his expensive suit
feed (cattle) on fresh-cut green fodder (originally for the purpose of purging them).
Indian corn makes an exceedingly valuable fodder, both as a means of carrying a herd of milch cows through our severe droughts of summer, and as an article for soiling cows kept in the stall.
Such sentiments carried the day even when British troops invaded American soil two decades later.
When the play area was first provided it was in a terrible state with bare clay soil and loose rocks littering the ground.
Nestling around the ruins of the abbey where Mary Queen of Scots spent her last night on Scottish soil , the village of Dundrennan is a picture postcard of tranquillity.
Yet somehow or other she got herself to Holland, then made several cross-channel ferry trips until finally being allowed to land on British soil just as war broke out.
Camellias like acid soil so plant in a clay pot filled with ericaceous compost.
Purton already has a domestic recycling unit and an industrial waste site that accepts contaminated soil .
he might soil his expensive suit
Mom was busily cooking, but of course, Muriel couldn't bring herself to soil her hands.
Water only helps the chemical reactions take place, but a plant still needs healthy soil in which to grow.
The age of a find is usually estimated by dating the layers of rock or soil above and below it, most commonly lava fields in Japan.