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soggy / сырой, мокрый, нудный
имя прилагательное
raw, crude, damp, wet, moist, soggy
wet, dripping, soggy, sloppy, sopping, soppy
tedious, tiresome, soggy, stodgy, prolix, jogtrot
имя прилагательное
wet and soft.
the sandbags were soggy and split open
Start the jug swinging and try to insert spoonfuls of soggy cereal into the mouth of the jug while pretending to be a plane.
He spun around and crouched low behind the tree, his soggy shoes making squishy sounds.
Yes, the ground may still be soggy and it's still cold outside, but you can still garden!
The soggy firewood was gathered, tents put up, and a line strung between trees to hang the wet gear to dry.
The sodden rocket would not ignite and his soggy parachute failed to open.
Jason Sorens' dream is off to a better start than the soggy failures of the past.
Heavy rains over East London the past two weeks have left the outfield soggy and conditions were soft underfoot.
Surveyors, trudging barefoot through the mud, stuck flags into the soggy earth marking the city limits.
What's left of Hurricane Charley will make it a soggy weekend in the area, as expected.
More than six inches of rain has drenched an already soggy Los Angeles this holiday weekend.