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software / программное обеспечение, программные системы, программы для компьютера
имя существительное
программное обеспечение
программные системы
программы для компьютера
имя существительное
the programs and other operating information used by a computer.
These lapses have nothing to do with the operating system or software being used.
I was wondering if anyone could advise me on setting up voice software for use in gameplay.
This software protects data on single systems and clusters on a wide range of platforms.
This is a fancy piece of software and so the company logically went for a patent.
The suspect is in charge of data input and software operations at a company, police said.
Get some basic animation software for your computer and start to play about with it at home.
Customers should be able to move software from server to server in a much more fluid way than in the past.
The basic issue at hand is whether computer software can or should be entitled to a patent.
the software industry
It is clear enough that nobody is forced to commercialize their code as free software .
We're trying to make all software secure all the time so computing is safe for everyone.