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softly / мягко, тихо
soft, gently, softly, mildly, blandly
quietly, quiet, softly, low, gently, soft
in a quiet voice or manner.
“Can't you sleep?” she asked softly
She's in the other room right now, sated on mother's milk and softly sleeping.
They must stop at the threshold of the small room in which the Linga shines softly .
She smiled gently at the confused young woman and softly patted her on the cheek.
Kyoufu rolled over some so he was on her a little and deepened the kiss as he put his hand up to her cheek softly .
Last night Sash had been in my room, I thought as the steam swirled softly around me.
The apartment was quiet except for the radio playing softly in the dim living room.
While standing on that street at night, the whisper of a bagpipe can be heard from a softly lit window.
She reached up with her hand and cupped my cheek, pressing her palm softly against my face.
While the drinks flowed the sounds of jazz filled the softly lit sala creating a pure fusion of swing and ambience.
the door opened softly