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softie / тряпка, дурак, слабохарактерный человек
имя существительное
rag, doormat, milksop, softie, clout, tatter
fool, stupid, idiot, goof, mutt, softie
слабохарактерный человек
doughface, softie, impotent, softy
имя существительное
a softhearted, weak, or sentimental person.
Giles was ridiculed all over again as a cry-baby and a big softie .
I think he enjoyed putting on this gruff manner to frighten people, but underneath he was a bit of a softie .
Giles was ridiculed all over again as a cry-baby and a big softie .
she is too much of a softie to fire anyone
Call me an old softy but I love watching Agatha Christie dramatisations on TV, specially in the winter and specially when you know it's going to be good.
To think that some people say they are tough guys who will pull out all the stops to win when they are really just a bunch of softies who don't want to embarrass their rivals.
For all their huff and puff, and pitbull looks, they turn out to be softies .
It's not that I'm a big softy , but that Whale Rider is so good at showing how a deep abiding love can go hand-in-hand with unyielding harshness.
He was a softy , and would have done anything for anybody.
A study has shown that Carlow people are no softies when illness strikes and display much more determination when it comes to fighting their winter woes than the average Irish person.
At six foot five, with huge forearms and long legs, Brown looks like a bruiser, but he's actually a big softy , both on and off the track.