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soft-hearted / мягкосердечный, отзывчивый
имя прилагательное
softhearted, kind-hearted, tenderhearted
responsive, kind-hearted, outgoing, understanding, softhearted, soft
имя прилагательное
kind and compassionate.
When the matron of an African orphan farm decided that the soft-hearted bachelor Mr J L B Matekoni adopt two of her charges, one in a wheelchair, he meekly agreed.
My husband has his opinions, of course, but I'm too soft-hearted to tell her the truth.
She is very kind, very soft-hearted and always eager to help.
I am probably what I consider to be one of the new generations of soft-hearted parents who like to be intimately involved in every aspect of my children's lives.
I was surprised to read that one of those soft-hearted Cornish fisherman had put a lobster back in the sea after catching it in one of his pots, because he thought it looked tired and deserved a break.
Either it was a case of beggars can't be choosers or the interview panel had not found me too old, white, middle class and soft-hearted after all.
At home, her mother continually berates her soft-hearted salesman father for what she sees as the poor business skills that keep them on the edge of poverty.
He's a soft-hearted romantic behind his leather and greased-lightning exterior.
There are plenty of soft-hearted guys around who'll try to help out a damsel who's clearly in distress.
The soft-hearted lady of the lamp tended tirelessly to the wounded of the Crimean War and laid the foundations of modern nursing.