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sod / дерн, дернина, парень
имя существительное
turf, sod, divot, greensward, sward
guy, boy, fellow, kid, lad, sod
имя существительное
the surface of the ground, with the grass growing on it.
I chunked my stuff on the sod and lay down next to it.
an unpleasant or obnoxious person.
cover with sod or pieces of turf.
the stadium has been sodded
used to express one's anger or annoyance at someone or something.
After removing the sod , till the area and break up the compacted soil.
I chunked my stuff on the sod and lay down next to it.
Removing the sod creates a recess in the soil, resulting in poor drainage.
They cut out the portion where the sod would grow and outlined the shape with bender-board.
Make sure that the sod you are having installed contains varieties of grass that are indigenous to your region.
Isabella felt like a chunk of sod when an earthworm burrows into it.
Fans are trying to pull down the goal posts or tear a piece of history from the Ohio Stadium sod , and cops are shooting pepper spray at anything that moves.
For extreme cases you can line the yard with chicken wire and put a layer of sod over that.
A dense sod of the drop-seed grass, Sporobolus flexuosus, characterizes this area.
Next, he removed the sod and soil and added a thin layer of gravel.