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societal / социальный, общественный
имя прилагательное
social, societal
public, social, community, communal, common, societal
имя прилагательное
of or relating to society or social relations.
societal change
She fought societal norms and wanted to provide a much needed service to women.
It is important to consider the origin of the desire to conform to a societal image.
Temperance crusaders understood the societal problems that caused alcoholism.
Due to societal pressures, women undergo all kinds of treatment to have a child.
We must change, on a societal level, our dependence and usage of fossil fuels.
More often than not, societal changes are propelled by an established middle class.
I will offer an illustration of the expression of differing levels of societal anxiety.
This is a societal issue about which every thinking person ought to be concerned.
Each such crisis feeds off, and adds to, the erosion of public trust in societal institutions.
We are not doing it in order to conform with societal norms or expectations.