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socialist / социалист
имя существительное
socialist, red
имя прилагательное
socialist, socialistic, red
имя прилагательное
adhering to or based on the principles of socialism.
the history of socialist movement
имя существительное
a person who advocates or practices socialism.
Will's own writings made his socialist ideas clear.
At most, it had some cultural capital under the socialist regime.
Kamala has been a socialist activist for 10 years.
First, we soon find that there has been no socialist revolution.
The bombings may simply have brought thousands more socialist voters to the polls.
The socialist system lost its balance; the idea of Israel teetered.
I would like to see contained in each article a new and innovative socialist solution to the problems mentioned.
Just think what a socialist policy could do with the amount they are receiving.
Meanwhile, Poland remains mired in nationalist politics and socialist economics.
The second is the deepening employment crisis caused by the collapse of the old socialist industries.