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sobriety / трезвость, умеренность, рассудительность
имя существительное
sobriety, soberness
moderation, temperance, sobriety, modesty, frugality, abstinence
judgment, reasonableness, sobriety, judgement
имя существительное
the state of being sober.
the price of beer compelled me to maintain a certain level of sobriety
And we certainly have witnessed many people who have started to drink after years of sobriety and go downhill very, very quickly.
At one time the BBC was renowned for its standards and sobriety , indeed, much of its worldwide eminence sprang from its coverage of great royal events.
It is difficult to review this interview without the greatest sadness and sobriety given recent events.
What they offer, instead, is sanity and sobriety .
Everything was done to make us throw away sobriety of thought and calmness of judgment and to inflate all expressions with sensational epithets and turgid phrases.
she speaks with such sobriety, it's clear she speaks the truth
Speculative, whimsical thoughts are not compatible with the sobriety required by most issuers of credit.
If they're wrecked at work, especially if public safety relies on their sobriety , fire them and, perhaps, also prosecute.
For any recovering alcoholic, one of the biggest lessons of their sobriety is to learn how to have fun without alcohol in the bloodstream.
The islanders had the physical sturdiness, the sobriety , the practical skills and the independence of mind to cope with life in remote places.