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soar / парить, витать, подниматься
soar, float, steam, hover over, hover about, plane
lift, rise, climb, raise, get up, soar
fly or rise high in the air.
the bird spread its wings and soared into the air
Store rents are also rising as sales soar in ritzy shopping districts.
I watched a plane with blinking red and blue lights soar out into the dark sky.
We run across the rooftop hand in hand and then soar into the air.
Sometimes they soar at a considerable height, but when fishing they fly fairly low or even very close to the surface.
After all, hardware gets faster, storage gets bigger, and profits soar higher.
One estate agent says some areas have seen prices soar by 25 per cent in three months.
the cost of living continued to soar
the cost of living continued to soar
I also believe that the Phoenix will rise from the flames and soar to new heights.
Costs will soar , power and communication lines could be down for months and accommodation will be hard to find.