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soapbox / импровизированная трибуна, ящик из-под мыла
имя существительное
импровизированная трибуна
soapbox, stump
ящик из-под мыла
имя существительное
a box or crate used as a makeshift stand by a public speaker.
a soapbox orator
But I'll get up on my soapbox about almost anything if I hear someone else express a strong opinion about it that I don't agree with.
First, these protests allowed workers to express their political views; as already noted, in this respect they might be seen as similar to the soapbox speakers and the cafeterias which lined the Square.
While the media certainly has the obligation to report on the news, one wonders how much complicity it is taking on by giving these sorts of groups such an open and fairly uncritical soapbox on which to make their demands.
Yet whenever I get on my activist soapbox I am reminded by fellow childcare providers that ‘at least you get paid to stay at home with your baby,’ as if caring for my own child is some kind of grand extravagance.
So while I haven't stopped caring about designing and developing for the Web, I don't publicly stand on that particular soapbox that much anymore.
And while I'm on this soapbox , don't forget to give blood if you are eligible.
I'm not using this soapbox to slam the concept of equity financing, nor the venture capitalists who make it possible.
Every couple of feet one stood on a soapbox and made angry speeches to passing picketers.
Thus, blogs can function as a teen's diary, a political pundit's soapbox , or even simply as one person's view of the news.
The whole thing turned into an opportunistic political catfight, with booksellers given a soapbox and a spotlight to use in trying to make a buck off the pain and suffering of a nation.