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soaking / намокание, промокание, набухание
имя существительное
drench, soaking
swelling, soaking, tumefaction, erection, glandule
имя прилагательное
soaking, ingrained, engrained
имя существительное
an act of wetting something thoroughly.
in spring, give the soil a good soaking
имя прилагательное
extremely wet; wet through.
his jacket was soaking
make or allow (something) to become thoroughly wet by immersing it in liquid.
soak the beans overnight in water
impose heavy charges or taxation on.
few of us common people care how much tax Congress soaks on racing motorboats
drink heavily.
you keep soaking in taverns
Managers from the branch sat in the stocks outside being pelted with wet sponges, and firefighters turned up with a hose to give them a soaking .
I was still soaking wet from the shower when he arrived at my apartment.
My hair was already plastered against my neck, soaking wet.
The country side got a good steady soaking .
Cover the holes with soil and give the bulbs a thorough soaking of water.
She was soaking wet and had bald patches as well as open cuts and sores around her back legs.
So it got a good soaking with soapy water too.
Two weeks ago we noted the first three courses of brick, upon which the timber frame building is built, were soaking wet.
And all the people and all the animals ran out into the rain, for they did not care that the fields were now muddy or that they were soaking wet.
The soaking also helps to clean the dried bean and speeds up the cooking time.