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soaked / моченый
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
extremely wet; saturated.
my shirt is soaked through
make or allow (something) to become thoroughly wet by immersing it in liquid.
soak the beans overnight in water
impose heavy charges or taxation on.
few of us common people care how much tax Congress soaks on racing motorboats
drink heavily.
you keep soaking in taverns
Eventually they made it to the other side of the hall and slid down to the muddy and blood soaked ground below.
His clothes clung to him and raindrops trickled down from his soaked hair into his eyes and face.
Jade's back was turned to Tristan and her clothes were soaked to the bone.
His gaze flickers for an instant down at Tristan, whose shirt is now soaked with blood.
When it was thoroughly soaked through, she ran the dampened cloth over her face, relishing the coolness over her sticky skin.
Another roaring sound and the three kids were standing again in the empty room, clothes wrinkled, soaked and sweating.
He looked down at the fragments of glass glinting from a now thoroughly soaked patch of carpet and groaned.
The water drops fell harder down unto the crowd of people, their soaked clothes clinging to their bodies.
After four hours of traipsing over stones through a river, your feet were thoroughly soaked and still felt as if water was moving around them.
She was exhausted; her shirt was soaked with sweat and her hair was quickly falling into disarray.