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so-called / так называемый
имя прилагательное
так называемый
so-called, soi-disant
имя прилагательное
used to show that something or someone is commonly designated by the name or term specified.
next on the list are so-called “soft” chemicals like phosphorous acid
The abbey is a so-called royal peculiar, one of a handful of churches under the Queen's direct control.
The only thing the banks can do is to peel off these so-called non-performing assets.
Other people have different views on these so-called Hubbert peaks for oil and gas production.
The judge said he could scarcely believe that three so-called civilised young men could behave as they did.
The farmers are calling on the Government to pay compensation and make up for the so-called BSE tax.
He had no doubt that many so-called modern worship forms would become obsolete.
Tyler's fiction has always danced dangerously close to being a paean to the so-called simple life.
Are these so-called models and celebrities really people we could look up to and learn from?
Their political bias even on so-called News programmes is scarcely hidden.
My journey to work is now 20 minutes longer because of these so-called traffic measures.