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snuggle / прижаться, прильнуть, приютиться
cuddle, snuggle, nestle, nuzzle
snuggle, snuggle up, nestle
nuzzle, snuggle
settle or move into a warm, comfortable position.
I snuggled down in my sleeping bag
I've got a rip-roaring book to read, some projects to work on and lots of warm clothes to snuggle up in.
I snuggle back down into the blanket, my toes warm, my fingers warm, and my eyes still comfortably closed.
I smile weakly through my still-flowing tears and snuggle into his warm embrace.
When chill in the air touches the bone, the body yearns to snuggle into warm clothing.
I snuggle my head back into the soft, warm fabric of the sofa and doze again.
She couldn't help but snuggle against the warm comforter, taking in its scent and texture.
I snuggled even closer to his warm body, trying to absorb the heat into my cold one.
Mira smiled ever so slightly in her sleep and moved a little, snuggling down under the coat.
Lynn turned off the light before snuggling comfortably under the warm comforter.
But I simply can't resist turning back the duvet, snuggling up to my son and going back to sleep.