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snug / уютно, плотно
snug, cosily, snugly, cozily
tightly, tight, densely, thick, snug, hermetically
имя прилагательное
orderly, careful, neat, tidy, trim, snug
cozy, comfortable, snug, homely, comfy, homelike
convenient, comfortable, easy, handy, comfy, snug
уютно располагаться
имя прилагательное
comfortable, warm, and cozy; well protected from the weather or cold.
she was safe and snug in Ruth's arms
(especially of clothing) very tight or close-fitting.
a well-shaped hood for a snug fit
имя существительное
a small, comfortable public room in a pub or inn.
The main bar greets you and you can enjoy your drink down by the fireplace or in one of its comfortable snugs .
place (something) safely or cozily.
she tucks him in, snugging the blanket up to his chin
Pull the ribbon ends through the loop, and gently snug the knot against the hole.
In inclement weather, it feels particularly snug pausing in the lounge with a book, or looking out to the turbulent sea through its large windows.
They all made themselves comfortable inside their snug and warm sleeping bags.
The overall fit is very snug , but you can wiggle your toes.
On the second floor, curved ceilings impart a snug , protected feeling to the bedrooms.
He was wearing a pair of very snug jeans and blue shirt, which brought out his dark blue eyes.
He sounds rather more ignorant and ill-informed than the average bloke in the snug ; distressing.
Like the original the door has a sliding piece and this clips into the rear of the aircraft to ensure a snug fit.
Offer them snug and stylish wetsuits to keep out the cold.
He was wearing a black t-shirt that he tucked into his snug blue jeans.