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snuffle / сопеть, посапывать, гнусавить
sniff, snuffle
twang, snuffle, speak through the nose, speak through one's nose
имя существительное
sniff, snuffle
rheum, snuffle
имя существительное
a sniff or sniffing sound.
a silence broken only by the faint snuffles of the dogs
breathe noisily through the nose due to a cold or crying.
Alice was weeping quietly, snuffling a little
If you or me gets it (which we all have done) we might get a snuffle .
However, I took the risk of putting a hand close to a yowling muzzle and was greeted with a cold nose and a non-committal snuffle before the full-on baying started again.
Glory nickered and bobbed his head in way of greeting, before stretching his nose to snuffle my face.
The crying stopped, muffled by a snuffle , hands swiping away tears, throat unclogging in a cough.
Then my ears perked up as I heard an unmistakable snuffle .
Deer cropped the springy turf beside us, so close we could hear every snuffle and chomp.
Within a few moments, a wet nose poked itself out from the tablecloth, sniffed at the offered morsel for a few moments, and giving a snuffle of disdain, withdrew itself immediately.
I lay with my arms wrapped tightly around my chest, listening to the shack moving in the wind, and animals snuffling outside.
Elliot still was snuffling in his punctured sleep.
Last time it was that ‘When She Loved Me’ song, which had half the audience snuffling ; this time it's the last four minutes.