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snuffbox / табакерка
имя существительное
snuffbox, tobacco box
имя существительное
a small ornamental box for holding snuff.
Other rooms are all full of smoking paraphernalia, like cigar labels, snuffboxes , and pipes; ‘feminine’ articles, like handbags, fans, and combs; box-sized cutout paper theaters; and it goes on and on.
Wise as he is, Dupin had intentionally left his snuffbox at the Minister's apartment, using this as an excuse to return there the next day and continued the conversation they had begun the day before.
Daniel withdrew a small enamel snuffbox from his inner coat pocket and retrieved from it a strip of paper, handing it to his mother.
Many were small enough to fit into a watch or snuffbox .
The magnificent snuffbox in Plate V, ordered by the Foreign Office in 1821 for presentation to the South American revolutionary leader Simon Bolivar, did not make its way back to Ludgate Hill.
After his death in 1789, the great horse's skeleton was mounted at the Royal Veterinary College in London, at least one hoof was turned into a snuffbox , and in several countries there are annual races called the Eclipse Stakes.
Another example of the English rococo style is the snuffbox recently promised to the Museum.
The Tsar gave him a diamond ring, Metternich a gold snuffbox .
He dug into his pocket, pulling out the snuffbox .
In 1834, a snuffbox was presented to Thomas Braidwood Wilson, (the township of Braidwood is named after him) for introducing honeybees into Tasmania.
Thus do not drop a banknote into the collection plate, but a silk handkerchief or small silver snuffbox .