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snuff / нюхательный
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
нюхательный табак
snuff, snuffy
snuff, thief
нюхательный порошок
sniff, smell, snuff, nuzzle, nose
die, kick, kick in, pass away, succumb, snuff
снимать нагар
имя существительное
the charred part of a candle wick.
powdered tobacco that is sniffed up the nostril rather than smoked.
a pinch of snuff
extinguish (a candle).
a breeze snuffed out the candle
inhale or sniff at (something).
they stood snuffing up the keen cold air
With a single movement he sniffed up snuff from the back of his hand.
I would take my brown bag lunch down to Fish Creek behind the football field where I had smoked pot and done snuff back in my middle school.
Occurrences of the disease have been reported, but uncommonly, in persons who use smokeless tobacco or snuff .
Russians used to be sent to Siberia for taking snuff .
Switching from cigarettes to a pipe or cigars, or using snuff or oral tobacco (chewing tobacco), does not reduce the risk.
All forms of tobacco have been implicated as causative agents, including cigarette, cigar and pipe tobacco as well as chewing tobacco and snuff .
The history of chewing and smoking tobacco, and of taking snuff , is of great antiquity.
After a committee advised the government to ban oral snuff , the government acted in accordance with the recommendation.
a pinch of snuff
Although bubble gum and candy are also packaged to resemble snuff , chewing tobacco, pipes, and cigars, we do not know if similar evidence exists for such products or in other countries.