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snowy / снежный, белоснежный, покрытый снегом
имя прилагательное
snow, snowy, nival, niveous
snowy, niveous, snow-white, lily-white
покрытый снегом
snowy, snow-capped, snow-crowned
имя прилагательное
covered with snow.
snowy mountains
Montrose looked down at her fingertips against his snowy white cravat.
They had landed atop a mountain, its snowy peak mere feet above them.
On a cold snowy night where else would you want to be?
Beyond them was a flat snowy pasture, speckled with a few blackened shrubs, and even further away, a dark band between snow and sky, was the huge wall.
There is a surfeit of snowy peaks only 950 miles west of the Twin Cities.
Young, it is fresh and creamy, with a pure, snowy whiteness.
Women just always look that lovely in their snowy white wedding gown, don't they?
We could only see the snowy tops of these mountains.
Above them was a castle made of pure, white snowy clouds.
However, it must be stated that the majority of Scotland's population do not endure severe, snowy winters.