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snowstorm / метель, пурга, буран
имя существительное
blizzard, snowstorm, windstorm
blizzard, snowstorm
blizzard, snowstorm
имя существительное
a heavy fall of snow, especially with a high wind.
If the temperature rises during or after a snowstorm , it means heavier, wetter snow will be deposited on a less-stable powder base, increasing the risk of a slide.
It has denied that it's fiddling prices on its online promotion, in response to a snowstorm of customer complaints.
The seasonal weather continues through the month with gusts of up to seventy and eighty miles an hour and the occasional snowstorm , cloudburst and a touch of frost thrown in.
Joey was leaning against the wall, his short, black hair more conspicuous than ever, and he had it covered with his hands, as if there was a snowstorm of dandruff on it.
And it was, I think, fate, because there was a horrible snowstorm and Gary got snowed in for three days.
She discharged a shot into the ceiling, bringing a snowstorm of alien plaster falling on their heads.
The plumbing froze in the heaviest snowstorm of the year.
Cameron turned left, her head swirling with a snowstorm of thoughts.
a snowstorm of ash began to fall
It is every air traffic controller's nightmare when a snowstorm of blips shows up on the radar screen.
it swam away in a flurry of wings and flippers, raising a snowstorm of foam