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snowshoe / снегоступ
имя существительное
имя существительное
a flat device resembling a racket that is attached to the sole of a boot and used for walking on snow.
You are walking on snowshoes , so it's very physically demanding.
travel wearing snowshoes.
we snowshoed down into the next valley
Summer walkers and hikers snowshoe to take advantage of their favorite hikes in the winter.
Ski lifts will soon be built in this beautiful basin, so now is the time to snowshoe here.
I've done research on badgers and tracked wolves for the Central Rockies Wolf Project, where I got paid $15 a day to snowshoe into valleys to check on wolf traps.
It's an element that many in contemporary society miss, for unless you ski or snowshoe , or really spend time at some other pursuit in the snow, you rarely have the opportunity to truly see it.
Sheldon preferred temperatures in the minus - 30 range, so he could snowshoe hard without overheating.
Happily, you don't have to snowshoe to see some wildlife.
In the case of the snowshoe , it supports against the potentially deadly snow, and allows the wearer to move about and hunt, thus giving life.
But our hero's fate is never in question, not even when he straps on snowshoes for what has to be the most poorly motivated cross-country journey in movie history.
This winter the Trans Canada Trail is predicted to be used more than in previous years by hikers, cross country skiers, dogsledders, snowshoers and snowmobilers.
The next morning we awoke to overcast skies and a light snowfall, but I was too excited about the challenge of the day to be bothered by the weather, as we geared up with our ski suits, gaiters, rucksacks and the all important snowshoes .