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snowplough / снегоочиститель, снеговой плуг
имя существительное
snowplow, plow, snowplough, pilot, pilot-engine, plough
снеговой плуг
snowplough, snowplow
That means they can use a snowplough to clear the roads and, unless they have a blizzard, it is passable.
I instantly forgot the humiliation of being unable to snowplough , the pressure of thinking I'd fail and questioning why I was even bothering.
Soon they're learning how to fall safely and how to snowplough gently downwards.
‘Hey guys,’ she said to all of them, snowplowing to a stop and doing the group's handshake with Sergio and Peter.
Others fears are that snowploughs will not be able to get along the road in winter, and will leave it in a dangerous, frozen state.
During such a test, the skier should avoid snowplowing and sliding on turns.
He showed me how to use my poles for instance, and how to do certain techniques such as the snowplow .
The snowplows had to open the roads before the highway patrol man could come to our rescue.
When it snows again, snowplows bury your car, which may or may not have escaped one more week of having the rearview mirrors sheared off by passing delivery trucks.
The most frequent, and startling encounter is when the shadowy form of a deer flits across the trail, on the very edge of headlamp range, resulting in a heart stopping snowplow , but never a collision.