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snowmobile / аэросани
имя существительное
имя существительное
a motor vehicle, especially one with runners in the front and caterpillar tracks in the rear, for traveling over snow.
Two grooming machines groom the ski runs to international standards, and three snowmobiles are available for snow transport in heavy snowfalls.
travel by snowmobile.
the county offers snowmobiling, ice fishing, kayaking, and rafting
The proprietor had traded a snowmobile for the bus, gutted it and turned it into a kitchen.
Apart from skiing, you can snowmobile , cross-country ski, snowshoe or dogsled.
His clothes were soaked from falling in the river trying to pull his snowmobile through shoulder-high snow.
I like the fact that it can pull my snowmobile in winter, or my Indy car to a race, and that I don't give a second thought to using it to take my wife and family to a nice restaurant.
I can't remember a single encounter with a snowmobile that I didn't enjoy, as most of the time the snowmobile was pulling a snow groomer.
The snowmobile screamed down the street as Toby passed the police cars, he knew he wouldn't be able to wave them down to stop as they were focused solely on getting to the garage.
You can snowmobile in, too - though unless the law is changed, this coming winter will be the last you'll be allowed to snowmobile on your own.
Heading southeast leads to Myrdalsjokull glacier, where you can ski or snowmobile year-round.
Quite often the snowmobile would become stuck in the snow.
Toby thought maybe he would snowmobile into town today, he wanted to go to Carter and thank him face to face for the last night's movie.