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snowman / снеговик, снежный человек, снежная баба
имя существительное
снежный человек
yeti, snowman, abominable snowman, bigfoot
снежная баба
имя существительное
a representation of a human figure created with compressed snow.
Although it is not completely original, we all have probably forgotten how much fun snow and snowmen are since we are no longer children.
My son got to send me a picture of a snowman he made with Mommy in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard.
It snows onto a snowman and a Christmas tree while Santa flies overhead and the aforementioned bulbs twinkle merrily.
Katie's drawing of a snowman , who asked for a spare carrot nose, impressed judges with its humour and eye-catching design.
I can fully understand the longing every parent must feel to build their first snowman for their wide-eyed kiddies as they see snow for the first time.
In the afternoon we went to the yard of the house and made a snowman and his snow girlfriend, played with the two cats and the two dogs, had a walk and had dinner.
In odd places the children gathered enough snow to make a snowman .
The picture shows a dehydrated snowman : just his hat, coal eyes, carrot nose and stick arms remain.
You could have a snowman making contest to see who can make a quality snowman or snow-woman the fastest.
By the end of the day we were making snowmen and snow angels, throwing snow balls and shoveling the walkway.
Snow brought snowball fights, the building of snow forts and snowmen .