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snowflake / снежинка, хлопья снега
имя существительное
snowflake, flake of snow
хлопья снега
имя существительное
a flake of snow, especially a feathery ice crystal, typically displaying delicate sixfold symmetry.
He watched the tiny snowflakes drift onto his black jean pants.
a white-flowered Eurasian plant related to and resembling the snowdrop, typically blooming in the summer or autumn.
The summer snowflake also belongs to this group of taller plants.
Gradually, the snowflake melts inside her palm.
In between the hellebores we have planted Leucojum aestivum, the summer snowflake .
He smiled and held out his tongue trying to catch a snowflake on his tongue.
The process is like examining a single snowflake in a blizzard.
Summer flowering plants are indicated by the Latin name aestate; there's Leucojum aestivum, the summer snowflake , and Adonis aestivalis from the buttercup family.
The summer snowflake also belongs to this group of taller plants.
When a snowflake melted, that design was forever lost.
But the moment she was born it snowed such thick and fluffy snowflakes it amazed everyone in the hospital.
Delicate snowflakes drifted down to land on a head of long blonde curls.
I stared out at the drifting snowflakes absently, sitting at the counter with Connor in actual peace.