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snowfall / снегопад
имя существительное
snowfall, snow, fall of snow, scurry
имя существительное
a fall of snow.
heavy snowfalls made travel absolutely impossible
This was quite odd this time of year, considering the high average snowfall amount Vermont was famous for.
As they brace themselves for the big thaw following this week's snowfall , the people of York might not have needed a reminder of flooding.
If snowfall within the basin continues to remain below normal, these estimates will be lowered.
we had heavy snowfall last night
Normal to above normal snowfall this winter will be needed to bring these systems back to normal.
Panorama averages 475 centimetres of snowfall annually, one of the lowest totals in the East Kootenay.
It is bursting back to life earlier too now, due to an ongoing drought that has reduced snowfall in the area.
The rate of snowfall needed to sustain a glacier depends on the rate of removal of glacier ice, called the ablation rate.
But a series of warm winters have reduced snowfall in many parts of Scotland, leaving many distilleries short of melt-water.
Standing residue in the field helps capture valuable moisture from this year's above average snowfall .